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Saturday, 29 June 2013

productive procrastination

Purely from a food point of view, you understand we are going to shake things up a little here. 

I am in the process of transcribing the interviews for my dissertation and while the data is fascinating the process of creating the transcript is KICK ME IN THE HEAD JUST TO GIVE ME SOMETHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT BORING which gives me what I now like to think of as opportunities for productive procrastination. The washing is up to date, the dishwasher is empty, fountain pens full of ink, toilet rolls in all the toilets, cushions plumped, new crochet blanket on the hook (previous  one not finished – I’d love to be a completer finisher but I’m not, unless its gin).

My most useful bit of procrastination so far has been the time spent yesterday making a list of 31 different meals that we like as a family. We will use this list to decide what we eat for the next month and no dish will be repeated… tonight’s tea is a mystery defrosted tub of green from the freezer – possibly thai curry but possibly not (note to self – label, label) but from tomorrow Nigel, Nigella, Jamie watch your selves we are eating better and more exciting food. 

Thursdays are HWMBO(I)’s responsibility and Bob is choosing two meals a week (from the pre ordained list – I’m all for offering children choice but am retaining some control, at least until the hormones kick in proper) so tomorrow we are having roast chicken with gem lettuce, peas and new potatoes (cooked lettuce, really I hear you cry… yes really its very nice, or maybe you are a good deal more sophisticated than me and you know about this and are over it) from which I will make stock, followed by chicken laksa on Monday, Indian rice and seafood soup on Tuesday, lamb tagine (thank you carrot crush) on Wednesday, spag bol on Thursday and home made macaroni cheese on Friday. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. HWMBO(I) will do the hunter gathering in Sainsburys tomorrow morning and I will cook it. Can’t remember looking forward to the nightly cooking for a while. Hoorah. 

What do you do when you are procrastinating? I may need some new ideas…


  1. Sounds like you're getting it together and your list is sounding interesting! Hope you enjoyed your defrosted 'green' - could have been anything - the mind boggles!!! When my children were young we always had macaroni cheese when Hubby wasn't home for dinner - he still doesn't care for it even though he loves pasta and cheese! There's no accounting for taste!
    Enjoy your Sunday when it gets here!
    Joy x

  2. I hope the lamb tagine lives up to expectations - I'm feeling the pressure!
    Procrastination: my best attempt was at university during finals when I spent the day hand-washing my jumpers. It was the one and only time, as a student, I ever did that. When I grew up (a little) I bought a washing machine with a hand-wash cycle, so I've never had to do it again. Hurrah!

  3. That is a sterling effort on the procrastination front... Well done.
    The lamb tagine is in the slow cooker awaiting switch on in the morning, fingers crossed