Blackberry and Crumble are the dogs, not a comment on baking. These are, as we always tell people, great names for dogs until you have to stand in a field shouting them, and then you just sound like a bit of a wally...

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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Bob attended a birthday party today, at Bradford Ice Rink. I attended parties there as a child, and then later in the (hideously awkward) teenage years I remember hanging around while a friend snogged, enthusiastically and trying not to a) cry because I'd never snogged anyone and b) watch too closely because I couldn't work out where you would put your nose to prevent suffocation. The ice rink hasn't changed at all - I'd say it was retro cool but actually it was just a bit grotty (children had a wonderful time and Bob has requested lessons). I have changed more than the rink in the intervening years - I have now snogged, I get where you put your nose and frankly I have improved with age, where the rink has not. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to tell your younger self that you really didn't need to worry so much and that things would come good.

We left the rink to howling winds and a beautiful rainbow...

Just before we left for the party, HWMBO(I) called down the stairs, "there is a great tit in the spare bedroom". Is it really bad that my first thought was not a bird but wondering if someone had stayed the night and I'd forgotten...
It's been a good weekend!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Jack of all trades, master of one...

I’m back, thank you for all those who have enquired as to my whereabouts – I haven’t fallen off the world or under anything heavy. I developed a significant aversion to my laptop after submitting my dissertation and the twitch only subsided after I found out that I had passed! Hoorah. Having every word you write scrutinised doesn’t half take the pleasure out of writing!

I’ve missed this space – missed the thinking positively that comes with it and the comments from other bloggers. I’m also way behind on keeping up with the blogs that I read – although people do all seem to slow down a bit over the summer.

I’d join in with the ‘I’ve sewn 100 name tapes in’ comments, except I didn’t (black sharpie pen, initials on the label) or the ‘100 creative ideas for packed lunch’ comments, except Bob has school dinners or the ‘I’ve put away my summer wardrobe’ comments except I pretty much wear the same clothes year round – just more or less of them.

I can tell you that I made jam (blackberry) which was lovely and have eaten this with scones, toast, cake… (all clothes a little snug  - winter layers are my friend) and raspberry which was nearly as good and reminded me of my Granny.

I made place mats, with pockets for cutlery. These immediately had jam spilt on them, I nearly broke my neck running across the kitchen to soak them in cold water to avoid the stain (successfully, I know you were wondering)

I made a cushion cover… actually I made two because Bob *needed* one to go on his bed with the other lovely things that mummy has made (manipulated by a 10 year old, moi…)

I decoupaged a cardboard deer head (obviously)… sticky, messy – fun though!

I’ve started a crochet blanket – I am on a mission to use up what I already have (how much is too much yarn… discuss). 12 squares down, 88 to go…

I’ve comfort read old books that I have read 100 times before (the little princess, the secret garden, the alexia tarabotti novels – steam-punk, corsets, vampires, werewolves)

I’ve attended the wedding of the year… fabulous mojitos (and pimms, and champagne, and gin, and wine) and watched the railway children with my parents (daddy, my daddy… sob)

I’ve spent time with friends and family without my dissertation playing on my mind… it’s been wonderful.