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Monday, 21 October 2013

the internet

I know that there are all sorts of things on the internet that are scary, mean, rude and sometimes just alarming (seriously, the person on pinterest collecting images of sex swings...) but I do genuinely love the internet - I love blogs, facebook, shopping without even needing to get dressed.

Today I particularly love the fact that sometimes the internet is not quite as clever as it thinks it is.

I subscribe to a google news feed for 'crochet' stories. Through this service I have found new blogs and all sorts of interesting projects to add to my things I would like to make one day list. Today however, thanks to a glitch in the system I learnt that a man I have never met in New Iberia died on Friday. His name was Elie Crochet and somewhere thousands of miles away a rosary is being said for him and prayers offered. He was 90 years old, he leaves a widow, the wonderfully named Edmae Romero Crochet - they had been married for 71 years, 6 children, 17 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren, 10 great-great grandchildren. I have found myself thinking about that  enormous family this morning and wondering how they all are. I hope they are not too sad. Elie sounds great. He welded tractors for a living and his hobbies are listed as making things for his wife, helping others, playing the guitar, watching wrestling, singing, western movies and television evangelists. With such an eclectic mix of interests I can only imagine him to be a good chap to have around. RIP Mr Crochet.