Blackberry and Crumble are the dogs, not a comment on baking. These are, as we always tell people, great names for dogs until you have to stand in a field shouting them, and then you just sound like a bit of a wally...

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I know you’ve been wondering… this eating better lark is marvellous. We are eating better food, we are all sitting down together, I don’t have to make any food decisions every night, there are no discussions about what’s for tea, no disagreements. We are only three days in so caution needs to be applied but so far so absolutely marvellous. Tomorrow night’s lamb tagine is in the slow cooker ready to flick the switch before leaving the house in the morning. I’ve also instigated a new tradition (we’ve only done it once so far but you have to start somewhere). Blitzed the left over veg from Sunday lunch to make soup for Sunday tea. Look I even took a photo…. (please, if you can, ignore the piles of stuff at the end of the table, and Bob's wrist complete with now slightly grubby and possibly smelly, thank goodness he stops wearing it tomorrow splint)

I love a new tradition. I can make the statement ‘we have always done X’ when we have in fact only done something twice. We always have a cheese board and port for tea on Christmas eve, we always have Yorkshire tea, we always have boiled eggs for supper on a Sunday… there is nothing exotic or all that exciting but I like our family history to have lots of ‘do you remember when’ moments, its slightly twee to say we are making memories but I do think there is something in that. There does seem so be a link between the memories I want to create for my family and food – my only concern regarding this new eating regime is that we might all put on several stone, we may need to introduce a healthy eating scheme. 

In further food news (honestly I do do things other than think about or eat food) lunchtime today was spent on a colleagues leaving do having a picnic in the park. It was far too cold to have a picnic in the park but we are British and we had planned to have a picnic so we had a picnic. We ignored the fact that anytime someone stood up the gale force winds blew the blankets away and that some of the picnic blankets were used for warmth not floor covering but there is a lot to be said for, as a group, stopping for lunch and leaving the office.

Blackberry is a sad dog – he’s sprained his ‘wrist’ (obviously not actually a wrist, as he doesn’t have arms, although he does have shoulders so does this make the knees on his front legs elbows…). Crumble is sad because Blackberry is sad. I am grateful for pet insurance. (neither dogs are allowed on the sofa...)


  1. Morning! Glad to hear all is going well on the eating front. Let me know how the tagine works out for you. Btw, really like the cushions your dogs are sleeping on. Did you make them? If so I am very impressed.

  2. Thank you re the cushions - not made by me sadly. John Lewis Christmas present from the parents. Not thought about it but actually they would be dead easy to make. The tagine smells good, just waiting for the bread.

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