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Sunday, 7 July 2013

reduced to a list...

This is supposed to be a blog about being creative… unfortunately I have not been very creative recently so have little to report. I did buy this lovey fabric from lovely friends and have a plan involving cushion covers for the kitchen chairs.

The things that have happened....

The weather – it’s lovely, slightly churlish, but for me it’s a bit too hot.

The gin – the cheap lidl stuff is still good

The tennis – anyone else a bit teary eyed when he won?  His poor mother.

Church – I went for the first time in ages, it did me good and I should go more often

Dissertation – it’s a few words longer than it was – I can make no comment on the quality of these words

Parents – on a cruise, at some point something has been mistranslated and the crew of the ship think they are on their honeymoon

Velux windows – black out blinds are great, unless you sleep with the window open

Food – we continue with the more exciting meal plan – fish pie tonight (I haven’t puréed it to make soup…). Planned for the rest of the week, in no particular order;  toad in the hole, homemade sausage rolls, dhal and smoked fish, Thai green chicken curry, risotto (do you think I can make this in a slow cooker?), field mushrooms and mozzarella burgers.

Flap-jack – I have made lots, and it was declared to be ‘fit’ by a colleague.

Harry Potter – box set of all films acquired and we are working our way through

HWMBO(I) is going to celebrate a significant birthday shortly (starts with a 5 and ends in a zero, I like to think of myself as the much younger, and something of a trophy, wife) and I have NO IDEA WHAT TO BUY FOR HIM – we can’t go away because I have work coming out of my ears (and I’m no fun at the moment), he has no interest in cufflinks and I am suffering from a significant lack of imagination.


  1. My guy is 40 this year and I am getting him a watch. I wanted to make him a ripple blanket but I have left it too late, if I start now it will be ready when he is 50! Jo x

    1. I bought him a watch once, it's still in its box... I've possibly got time for a ripple tie?!

  2. I did enjoy your 'dissertation'!
    I have to say that I wouldn't fancy your chances making risotto in a slow cooker: it requires lots of loving attention - I'm sure you are well able to satisfy its needs with your tender caring touch! Okay, so you were only kidding!
    I am delighted that Andy won his trophy - well deserved, especially after so many disappointments!
    Have yourself a great week!
    Joy xo

  3. Thanks Joy - you have a good week too... I may, in the interests of science have ago at a rice type tea in the slow cooker and report back, maybe I won't call in risotto though!

  4. Woo!!! Am glad you have a plan already - please share photos once you're done! :D