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Saturday, 1 June 2013

baby oil and dettol

It takes a brave man to walk into the kitchen on his return from a dog walk to find his wife with a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a bottle of dettol in the other and not bat an eyelid.

I was experimenting you see. There are lovely 'recipes' out there for home fragrances - simmer a pot of water on the stove with lemon and rosemary, that sort of thing and I thought I'd have ago at concocting something myself. I recently went through a phase of buying the extortionately expensive reed diffuser room scents. These smelt lovely but then evaporated faster than fast and I am left with a number of empty jars and their associated sticks. I really like the smell of dettol - it's clean and comforting and they don't make a scented candle - I know, I've looked (it's also difficult to find a leather scented candle and if you take my advice you won't try a google search - or at least, if you do, do it after the children have gone to bed). So I have taken a bit of baby oil and a glug of dettol and filled a diffuser. I can't imagine I've stumbled across anything to worry Jo Malone but it's pleased me no end.

I finished the wobbly edge on the baby blanket at 5.30 this morning (couldn't sleep, best part of the day etc) and have sent a photo to the parents to be instructing them that this blanket is to be forced on the baby as soon as it arrives until it loves it and takes it everywhere. If this blanket does not become the toy that they as parents are terrified of losing there will be trouble...

Here it is (and if you don't look too closely you won't notice that I've laid it out and photographed it before weaving in the ends). It looks a bit like baby twister and I should have blocked the circles and then the squares but I'm new to this and didn't know any better, but I'm quite pleased with it..

In other news Bob has returned, he's taller, he's not worn as many pairs of pants and socks as he should have in the time he's been away and blimey he talks a lot but it is very nice to have him back. 


  1. It's lovely! Crochet is on my "things to do before/when/after I'm 40 list" (it's a rather vague list as you can probably imagine... and this has rather inspired me.

    Even more impressed with your husband now if he knows what a leprechaun is AND doesn't make smutty comments when faced with you and baby oil...

    ps finally made it over here. Very much enjoying myself!

  2. It looks fab .. I'm often to be found in the kitchen with a bottle of baby oil ... it makes the stainless steel cooker hood all lovely and shiny :)