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Saturday, 15 June 2013

normal service will be resumed...

I am officially a little bit dim. I went to Suffolk (which is a very long way from Yorkshire) for two days and left my mobile phone at home. I would love to report how I found this to be freeing, how it gave me the opportunity to engage fully with my surroundings etc. It did not. It was isolating, frustrating and incredibly inconvenient. I was in Suffolk sans Bob or HWMBO(I) and not being able to check in with the odd text drove me batty - or at least it did until my lovely Dad bought me a pay as you go mobile phone....       
I was in Suffolk for my Grandmothers funeral and service of thanksgiving. We met as a family to remember her and celebrate her life. I hope we did her proud. I stayed in her house for the night before and after the service; the lovely vintage sheets, the green cups and saucers, the bars of soap where the little bit of the previous bar was stuck on the top, tea made with tea leaves, toby jugs, portmerion china. My Grandparents called each other Wez. They always said it was their secret and we would never know why. They were right.

I am the eldest of 14 Grandchildren. We are conditioned to line up in age order at least once during family gatherings to have our photo taken. We only see each other, really, for Weddings, Christenings and Funerals. My eldest girl cousin and I are thinking of holding a Wez Fest next summer... I'm thinking bunting, numbered tshirts, raseberry jam sandwiches and a really long photograph with the 14 Grandchildren, 7 Grandchildren in law and, by then 8 great  Grandchildren.            


 Not having my phone, means that I also did not have my camera so I have no photos of my Grandmothers beautiful garden, the magnificent Bury St Edmunds Cathedral where we were privilaged to hold the service of thanksgiving, or the comedy Suffolk place names.

Very little achieved today - other than a long nap on the sofa under a quilt which I very much enjoyed and a trip to a deli where we bought cheese and then came home and ate cheese. I love cheese.

 Bob marched with his band, in a summer Gala. He got drenched and had to be warmed on his return with noodles, some time under the quilt and a few episodes of 'come dine with me' (television gold, if for no other reason that the comedy voice over).

Dogs walked - photos to prove it...



  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss!
    How lovely that you could stay in your Grandmother's home while down there - full of lovely memories no doubt!
    I would be lost too if I went away from home without phone - and camera - and it is easy to forget such important things when there are emotional things going on in life!
    Nevertheless, you have shared some lovely pics, thank you!
    Joy x

  2. Thank you Joy.. It was lovely to sleep there, and her cat who had been very sad slept on my bed!

  3. Sorry about your grandmother but what lovely words. Bury is beautiful. My parents are near there. If I were you I would definitely open the gin and have one for you grandmother xx

  4. Thanks Jen. I had a g and t and it was lovely x