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Monday, 17 June 2013

late to the party...

I can, on occasion, be a little bit slow on the uptake. (Apart from Onsies, I was an early adopter of the glorious garment, HWMBO(I) is possibly still in mourning). You can almost guarantee that, if, at the end of a TV programme HWMBO(I) and I turn to each other and say "that was great, we'll set a series record" the continuity announcer will say one of two things a) that's the last in the series, it will be back in the autumn or b) although this show was great, its been cancelled to allow more air time for Made in Chelsea.

I was late to the blogging party - I registered for a blog back in the day, but it was in the period of my life when Bob was training for the puke Olympics and any blogging time I may have had available to me was taken up with chipping baby vomit / weetabix off belongings. I still don't have time to blog, but procrastination is a wonderful motivator.

I was late in accepting my inner geek. My inner geek and I are very happy together now, but for years I tried to be one of the cool kids... hoorah for geeks.

I was late to accepting that I am intrinsically a home bird.

I was late to owning dogs - they are, without a doubt the best pet ever and knock gold fish, stick insects and goats (really, pet goat) into a cocked hat.

I hope that one day I will say, I really love running, how did I leave it so long to find out but it seems unlikely.

I discovered this morning that it is WORLD GIN DAY. I only have one source of information and I can't remember which blog it was now but really someone, somewhere said it was WORLD GIN DAY. (Actually, I've just googled it and I'm even later to the party than I thought. It was the day before yesterday, but still, I've started so I'll finish)

WORLD GIN DAY needs better PR. Apparently Gin is undergoing a massive revival. Gin is cool again. I like Gin. It makes me feel like a grown-up.

I like Hendricks Gin with a slice of cucumber and lots of ice. I love the Hendricks bottle. I poured boiling water into an empty Hendricks bottle to sterilise it and use as a vase, the bottle did not survive).

I like a Gordons Gin with elderflower. I love the label of the Gordons bottle. I like roast lamb with Juniper because it tastes a bit like Gin. I have several Gin based recipes I'd like to try - Rose Petal Gin, Raspberry Gin, Gin and Tonic lemon cake, Gin and Tonic Sorbet, Cucumber Gin, Lemon Gin. I just don't have any Gin.

I like a Red Snapper - which is a Bloody Mary made with Gin instead of Vodka (although, and I say this from experience, take care when going to the bar to order your second (third) to get its name right - shouting 'I WANT A RED SLAPPER' at the staff in a noisy bar gets you a funny look.)

I like that under UV light and G and T glows. I loved that at the pub after my Grandmothers funeral I was people watching in the bar and the cantankerous old chap I was watching (no relation) sent his G and T back to the bar, because (and I quote) he couldn't taste the G (it was a double, thankfully he already had a stick for balance)

If we ever actually have any more summer, I want to sit on the balcony with a G and T in one hand, some really straightforward crochet in the other (so any Gin induced slip ups are not too significant) and a plate of lovely nibbles, not sure what, I'll have to think about it.

Thinking it through though, I might not have enough hands - Gin in a sippy cup...


  1. Late to the party, I always seem to turn up just as all the fun is over.... ah well best go pour me a gin ... fab post ~ Sarah x

  2. Enjoy it Sarah... I had half hoped that HWMBO(I) would have read this at work and arrived home with gin. Sadly not

  3. Oh L.O.L - you should be a stand-up comedienne - thanks so much for the laughs!
    Have a fun week.
    Joy x

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog the week before last. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but I've been taking a little blog break. Life took over. The yarn I am using is Drops Paris a aran weight cotton. Lovely to use and under £2 a ball great value. Got mine from Wool Warehouse, great service, arrived next day.

    1. Thanks Candace... I'll add to my ever growing list of projects x

  5. It is never too late for gin....

  6. Only if you don't have any and the shops are shut...

  7. But have you heard about this:

    It may not be true, but if it is, we may have to start some kind of juniper genetic library and breeding scheme....

  8. I have my lovely P and L, and even went onto the daily mail website to read the article and now have all kinds of oddness popping up on my Facebook page... It's a worry.