Blackberry and Crumble are the dogs, not a comment on baking. These are, as we always tell people, great names for dogs until you have to stand in a field shouting them, and then you just sound like a bit of a wally...

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Sunday, 2 June 2013


I have had a truly lovely weekend. Bob is back, the sun is shining and HWMBO(I) and I have made a joint attempt on the ironing pile, and while there is still some left, it is no longer a risk to any passing small children. I've started a new crochet blanket for my niece and am embracing the pink. We had a bar-b-que yesterday (burnt the first lot of sausages and had to drive, hell for leather, to the nearest supermarket to replace them, but we will gloss over that.. and the ending of my recent foray into vegetarianism) and Bob picked me some bluebells (private land and accompanied by the daughter of a policeman, I don't think they broke any by-laws.) Oh, and the neighbours came home and their rabbit (who we were looking after) had neither escaped or died. These are all good things.

I have no photos of the weekends activity, but here is a picture of the wrap I am making for my lovely cousins wedding in Septemer... (the black, top left is Backberry's tail, I dont know how to crop a photo yet...)

I am LOVING this blogging lark and have pottered around and read beautiful writing, funny writing, tender writing and have been welcomed into a community of intelligent and entertaining women. I've experimented with the stats and have added a new counter which give slightly more realistic figures and I didn't advertise my last post on face book straight away to check that all the people reading this were not just my Dad. And people are reading this, and commenting and it's SO exciting.

Is there a plan b, wrote about friendship  and referred to her friend. Reading both their posts, it struck me that I am so very lucky to have the friends I have (and not to have to sieve grobblies out of my flour), and that these relationships take care and nurture. Beginning new friendships, as a child or adult, can be really tough and I count myself as privileged to have old friends and new. Old friends who I don't always make enough effort to keep up with, but when I do see them, or speak it's so easy to slip back into our old patterns.

I've recently been lucky enough to make a number of new friends, following a house move and a new job and am so grateful to these women for the part they play in my life. I am historically awful at playground chatting and I forced myself to try harder and the rewards have been wonderful. Telling someone that you like them and consider them a friend is always scary but hearing it back and knowing that they value you back is really rather brilliant.

oh, and in a quick update, the dettol + baby oil is not really working... its needs thought.


  1. Well, I can confirm that I'm not your dad. So that's one.

  2. You are indeed, not my dad! Thanks for reading, and commenting... Keep coming!

  3. I'm not your dad either ;) Lovely looking wrap, the colours are so pretty! xoxo

  4. Hello there! I'm female so there's no doubt about it - I'm not your Dad - or anyone's Dad for that matter!
    I've just popped over from 'Emmie and Emma' and have thoroughly enjoyed looking through a couple of your posts: I love how you write - very interesting and entertaining - you captured my attention! Lovely to meet you!
    Gorgeous wrap you have hooked there - well done!

    1. Thank you Joy - lovely to meet you too!
      I'll just have a quick pop over to Emmie and Emma and have a look.