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Monday, 22 July 2013


I have written here before about how much I like a tradition.

 Traditionally we use a home made banner for birthdays in this house.
Equally traditionally, a few days before the banner is required I turn the house upside down looking for it, cursing my inability to put it somewhere that is both safe and memorable after last use. In this morning’s searching I have found:

·         A small PVC greenhouse, still in its box – now erected and waiting to work out where it will live.

·         More spotlight light bulbs that we could ever reasonably use

·         More picture hooks than the Tate would need, in all its locations

·         More curtain hooks than …. a curtain hook shop would ever need

·         Cupboard door handles from 2 kitchens ago

·         A frankly alarming full face alien mask for a small child

·         Literally 100’s of Ikea nightlights

·         The Christmas stockings

·         4 hammers (sorry Dad, I think we probably do have your hammer after all)

·         ID badges from 2 jobs ago

·         My walking boots

For when I inevitably cannot find these items again in the future, I intend to keep the banners  on the top of the bookcase in my office in the currently empty shoebox, the light bulbs are on the top shelf in the utility room, door handles, nightlights, stockings and hammers are in the cupboard under the stairs, ID badge in my office and the walking boots under the spare bed…

The banner was on the shelf in Bob’s wardrobe…. Obvious really.  I also found the sledges, which given the decline in the weather we may need sooner rather than later.


  1. That is so funny! So can you now be identified as a 'hoarder' - or did someone else hide all those items?
    Now you have to remember which post you put this info into! Oh yes!
    Have a great week!
    Joy x

    1. Honestly, I'm not a horder, I'm always chucking stuff out!

  2. Funny! The school holidays are here and I am about to start the same sort of clear out in little corners here too. Jo x

    1. I do love a good clear out... Enjoy the holidays x

  3. He he ... I do hope you remember where you wrote it all down ~ Sarah x

  4. Haha - I am always cursing the same thing (about me of course). It's why I try not to have to many traditions... it would mean keeping track of where stuff is! Most recently I couldn't find my summer shoes - the perils of living in climates where you have to put your seasonal stuff away.

  5. I LOVE the banner.... I need to make me one of those.

    Saw our mutual friend last week too who has got me dreaming in hexagons...

    1. This has just arrived randomly... I love my banner too. Bob and HWMBOI have their own additions with their names on... I have not and no one puts it up for me...

  6. Hey you. Just checking all is well. Haven't heard from you for a while and miss your posts!
    Carrot. x

    1. This just arrived... along with other comments from months ago. I'm ok... will be back to posting after faculty exams are sat... This time next week it will be very nearly over.