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Thursday, 11 July 2013

it's practically science

And almost crafty.

Left to right; ginger, chilli, cardamom, lemon grass and basil in a double measure of gin. Currently in a cool (ish) dark (ish) place while developing, I'll report back. If I was a proper crafting blogger these would be mason jars artfully photographed but I am much more an old jar of pesto with half its label still stuck on kind of a girl...

In other news, Joy was right you can't make risotto in a slow cooker although if flavoured wallpaper paste was what you were after I have a brilliant recipe...


  1. Oh the walls may smell nice then - for a while!!!
    So what's the story with the little jars? I'll be watching this space!
    Joy x

  2. Replies
    1. Lavender and raspberry added this evening... Taste testing will comment when the sun is over the yard arm tomorrow.

    2. Raseberry gin has much to recommend it... x

  3. What an earth is it? jo x

  4. Flavoured gin - chilli, ginger, basil, cardamom and lemongrass. Not pictured raseberry and lavender. Raseberry a great success... Hic xx

  5. That's my kind of science. I've heard of chilli vodka but not chilli gin. What fun you'll have tasting them all when the flavours have infused! :-) x

  6. I know, and all in the name of investigation...