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Monday, 3 February 2014

I’ve started, so I’ll (almost inevitably not) finish…

This poor blog. Like so many before it, begun in a flurry of enthusiasm and high expectations has experienced something of a slump. I’m not up to my eyeballs in  a Masters anymore and the real revision for the frightening next exam hasn’t started yet so I not in any great need of procrastination. As such (apart from a slightly manic crocheting session just before Christmas when I HAD TO crochet mistletoe and stars in every colour I possessed (embarrassingly many)) both the blog and crafts are neglected. I am making myself finish works in progress before I let myself start anything else, and am now bored with all of them and not doing anything.

Works in Progress

  • Rainbow Quilt for Bob – I have a front, a back, wadding and I have even basted the sodding thing. Feed dogs on sewing machine stuck in down position and there is no way on earth I can bring myself to hand quilt it…

  • Baby Quilt – its ready to be backed and quilted… just need a) motivation and b) someone to have a baby

  • ‘French Quilt’ – enough patches made for a double bed quilt… they just need sewing together, backing, basting, quilting…

  • William Morris Quilt – see above

  • Rowan Wool Swing Jacket – back, fronts and ¾ of one arm done. Can’t find pattern, don’t know where I am up to. May have to frog the whole thing.

  • Crochet cushion – front done, back 5/6 done. Just need sewing together.

  • Crochet blanket 1. Approx. 80 granny squares done. Need crocheting together and a border. I hate crocheting granny squared together. I currently have a huge number of coasters.

  • Crochet blanket 2. Large granny square for Bob. About 4 foot square. I have told myself it will be ready for its border when this last ball of yarn runs out. IT IS THE LONGEST BALL OF YARN IN THE WORLD and I don’t think it will ever run out.

These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head (oh, no – and the English paper piecing purple monster).

I have a shopping basket full on of lovely style craft Aran just waiting for me to press go… and when I do the lovely owner, noticing it is me and I live down the road will come and deliver it and we will drink tea and talk about wool but I really should do something about the on going projects before I start a new one.

There is a business opportunity out there for someone, finishing projects I have started… honestly there is a fortune to be made.


  1. Haha, you and me both... I must post something... :D

  2. and while you're finishing things you could do my blog too....

  3. No, because your blog is warm, witty and I love it.

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