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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blink and you'll miss it...

I seem to have misplaced February, March and April... It's all going by too fast. Life is busy, there are exams to revise for and blogging, along with cleaning, leaving the house and some days getting dressed has taken something of a back seat.

I hate exams, they are a rubbish way to test my knowledge. In casual conversation I could tell you all sorts of things about standard deviation, variance, outbreak control, labelling theory and the epidemiology of e.coli but put me under exam conditions and everything I have ever known appears to fall out of my head. HWMBO(I) and Bob are being very understanding, and cope well with the random reading out of infectious diseases flashcards and occasional sobbing. HWMBO(I)* has also taken over all cleaning and ironing duties and as such we have hoovered skirting boards and an ironing pile that is no longer a danger to passing small children.

I'm trying very hard not to endlessly procrastinate because it's my own time I'm wasting** apparently, although having said that I made a tea cosy yesterday.....

* he's very good at taking on domestic duties. The obstetrician who delivered Bob told him that women who had had a section shouldn't Hoover... Luckily for me he didn't hear the "for six weeks after the birth" bit and I think Bob was about four before I vacuumed.

** although I am becoming something of an expert on American politics, thanks to re watching the West Wing, and not only the soppy Josh and Donna episodes

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