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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

things that make me happy...

A quick note... Bob, and He Who Must be Obeyed appear to be sticking as names... So from here on in the boy will be Bob and the husband will be HWMBO(I) - the I in brackets standing for ironic...

There is a thing doing the rounds of blog land currently, bloggers taking time out and reflecting on the things that make them happy. This is a good and sensible thing to do - to proactively reflect and look for happiness. It's much too easy to be miserable, and usually the things that make you happy are pretty straightforward.

So, five things that have recently made me happy...

1. Walking the dogs yesterday morning with Bob and HWMBO(I) on a local estate yesterday (think small country house and lake rather than council), managing to be out of the house for a couple of hours when it didn't rain, and remembering to take travel mugs of tea with us so we could drink them while we walked.

2. The smell of the wild garlic while we were walking. It made us want garlic mushrooms for lunch, so we foraged for ingredients (in the local supermarket) and ate EXACTLY what we wanted. I love it when that happens.

3. The two brightly coloured owls were gifts for my parents - a birthday present for Dad and one for Mum so she didn't feel left out... They were delivered yesterday, along with Bob who is staying with them for a few days. When I pointed it out to mum that her owl had a pebble in it, so it would stand up on its own, and this therefore meant she must not throw it in case she broke something, she reminded me that she rarely throws her toys... (Dad pointed out that in the previous post referring to the owls I'd spelt denile wrong..., I will ignore this for the purposes of KEEPING THE BLOG REAL)

4. Visiting new friends of my parents on their beef farm. Their 2 small boys  (3 and 4) were delightful and it was lovely to be reminded of the happy chaos that comes with small children. Bob was shown around the farm, including where the bull semen is kept in nitrogen... Confident that there would be questions,  HWMBO(I) and I promptly left him with his grandparents. I happily have no photo of bull semen to share.

5. Putting a border on a baby blanket for an upcoming niece or nephew... Don't know what variety we are getting yet as 'its' parents want to be surprised. I accept this but it makes the whole blanket production difficult. GENDER NEUTRAL IS REALLY HARD.

There you go, half an hour of focussing on good things...


  1. Your post made me smile, am so disappointed there isn't a shot of the bull semen :) ... It's nice to reflect and find the positives in our all to busy and mundane lives. Thanks for sharing ... Sarah x

  2. Sorry to disappoint on the bull semen. (There's a sentence I never thought I'd have to write...)

  3. lovely happies - thanks for sharing x

  4. So "focussing on good things" includes bull semen in nitrogen?