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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

can we talk about tea

I really love tea, nearly as much as these people here. Dr Who has it absolutely right, it is a life giving elixir with the power to heal... A cup of good strong builders tea.

You can say many things with a cup of tea, I love you, I'm sorry, Cheer Up, We are all in this together. It even mended the Tardis once. And a tea pot that is pretty and doesn't drip. Bliss.

I am brought a cup of tea in bed every morning... if I were HWMBO(I) I would have given up on this years ago, as I inevitably take one mouthful , fall asleep again and leave it to go cold but he persists because he knows I like it and I think its romantic. (he was once going away for work in the very early hours and he left me a thermos of tea by the bed - this is the singularly most romantic gesture ever made)

Sitting down with a friend knowing that you are going to sit and chat for long enough for it to be worth making a pot of tea, putting milk in a jug and getting the tea cosy out....

I don't hold with a fruit flavoured tea, not really. Always a bit of a let down - they smell good but don't really deliver. I'm the same with coffee. I'd like to like it, it feels grown up and sophisticated but it's just not for me.

Taking the time to make someone a cup of tea the way they like it shows you care (I like mine the colour of a digestive biscuit, strong with a bit of milk in case anyone was wondering). There are many variables to take into account - strength, milk, sugar or not, what kind of cup do they like... I know that a friendship is developing well when I no longer need to ask how they like their tea, I just know.

There is pleasure in a solitary cup of tea too - stopping, boiling the kettle, tea bag in cup, burning your fingers taking the tea bag out so you don't dirty a tea spoon (but then drip it all over the side so you have to get a cloth out - its a false economy really) and then the first sip when its still just a bit too hot. The occasions when you take the second sip at just the right temperature - its cooled down a bit but its still properly hot.... lovely.


  1. I really enjoy your blog, I think you have a brilliant writing style :) thermos by the bed is also one of the sweetest things I've heard. Keep it up lady, I love your outlook on life <3

  2. Thank you... You have no idea the excitement that getting a comment causes... x

  3. Oh yes we do ;)
    In answer to your question... When crocheting an edge on fabric, you have to use a large sharp needle and make looped stitches along the fabric to crochet into. I used a blanket stitch around the hem of my dress and then crocheted into that.
    By the way , I'm a bit of a one-dip girl myself, milk,no sugar.

  4. Oh, that's so clever... Thank you. I have a sewing lesson booked in a couple of weeks to learn to make a very simple smock / wrap / apron type top... I see a crochet edge in my future.

  5. I'm so happy to be introduced to your blog! Your husband sounds like the stuff of dreams. A definite keeper! I love how you write and am looking forward to reading many, many more! As for me, I like my tea black and ridiculously strong. Unless I'm going to "afternoon tea" in which case I dress it nicely with milk and sugar. 1 lump. Give my regards to Bob and HWMBO(I).

  6. Thank you Jen, welcome... Out of interest, how did you find the blog? I'm really enjoying writing the bog, and its lovely to know people enjoy reading it too x

  7. Hi there, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - so glad you said hi! I agree, tea is the best thing ever. I drink rather a lot of it! Good luck with your blog, hope you are enjoying it so far. x

  8. Thanks Gillian, so far so good!

  9. Oooh, lovely.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Here I am at yours! Anyone who lives in Yorkshire and enjoys a cup of tea is a friend of mine.

    Are you Dales or Moors?

  10. Totally addicted - to tea and blog. It's so much fun, writing my own and getting comments from others - it's great. We are in the very south of the Yorkshire dales ad just about in te Pennines

  11. When B and I were courting he used to walk me home from choir practice and then come up for a cup of tea.

    It was only after several months that I learned he doesn't actually like tea.

    I have now forgiven him, but only just...

  12. Love it - imagining liking someone so much you fake liked tea for them...

  13. I am a reformed tea geek, single estate, first flush, golden tippy whatsit and all that guff :) I used to have a cupboardful of the stuff from Whitards. Then I realised the best tea ever is Aldi's Diplomat Gold. It makes the perfect strong, rich brew. I did try Yorkshire tea not so long ago, but it didn't work here, the cup I had in Hebden bridge was gorgeous though. I actually worry that if I move over to Yorkshire, will Aldi's tea taste as good with different water or will I have to search for the perfect tea again?
    I love the Thermos by the bed, so sweet :)