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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Bob attended a birthday party today, at Bradford Ice Rink. I attended parties there as a child, and then later in the (hideously awkward) teenage years I remember hanging around while a friend snogged, enthusiastically and trying not to a) cry because I'd never snogged anyone and b) watch too closely because I couldn't work out where you would put your nose to prevent suffocation. The ice rink hasn't changed at all - I'd say it was retro cool but actually it was just a bit grotty (children had a wonderful time and Bob has requested lessons). I have changed more than the rink in the intervening years - I have now snogged, I get where you put your nose and frankly I have improved with age, where the rink has not. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to tell your younger self that you really didn't need to worry so much and that things would come good.

We left the rink to howling winds and a beautiful rainbow...

Just before we left for the party, HWMBO(I) called down the stairs, "there is a great tit in the spare bedroom". Is it really bad that my first thought was not a bird but wondering if someone had stayed the night and I'd forgotten...
It's been a good weekend!


  1. Oh you make me laugh - you never fail to make me laugh! I'd love to be a fly on the wall if you ever decided to relate to Bob the concerns you had when you were a kid attending the ice rink!
    Re the great tit: I recently told my hubby that someone had posted about a baby tit, (it was in her garden) and he reacted in the same way as you. I do try to choose my words carefully but sometimes get caught!
    Have a great week and never lose your sense of humour. Thanks for the entertainment!
    Joy x

    1. The possibilities are endless... Do you get blue tits in austrailia or are they a uk only species?!

  2. Was she skating at the time? That's proper multi-tasking talent if so....

  3. Don't recall snogging and ice skating... Although it would have been impressive. At first reading of your comment I thought you meant the tit had been ice skating. It's been a long day!