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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

a creature of habit...

Timehop has just pinged on my phone and shown me my Christmas Eve Facebook status's for the last five years. We have traditions without my even noticing.

Every Christmas Eve, I count down the time until HWMBO(I) gets home from work, I watch A Muppets Christmas carol, Carols from Kings, we have fish pie, wrap presents, drink cocktails. I knew we'd done that last year but had no idea we had essentially been replaying the same day for half a decade.

I often wish I'd kept a diary. I start one fairly frequently and see it as essentially a stationery buying opportunity. Facebook has inadvertently become my diary. Its probably slightly more optimistic and positive than a diary written for personal rather than public consumption would be but I don't suppose it's any worse for that. I know it wastes an inordinate amount of time, and if you're not careful you can live in the virtual world and miss the important stuff in the real world but I love it.

I love blogs and the internet - I love this blog and writing it... must try harder.

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